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NJESTA Annual Spring Conference!!!


March 25, 2000 Kean University



Do you have that great lesson? The one that gets the "that's cool" or "I get it". Don't you wish you had a few more like that. Well, here's your chance to see some in action. Come to the Annual Spring Conference of NJESTA on March 25 , 2000 and choose from some like Nancy Dickinson's three dimenisional models of landforms or New Jersey's watershed activities by Dale Rosselet. Cap off your morning with an afternoon field trip to Sandy Hook , do the student activities, and hear how it produces many related activities with the data you bring back.

For more information on time ,location and registration contact Don Patterson at Ben Franklin Middle School, Ridgewood , NJ , 07450 , call 201-670-2737 , fax 201-670-3382 or e-mail