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El Nino: Situation Statement

El Nino is a “natural phenomena” that you may have heard of. El Nino in short is a pronounced warming of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific surface waters off the coast of Peru. When an El Nino occurs, significant changes in weather patterns have been observed across the entire planet. These changes may take the form of flooding rains or drought, heat waves, or unusually cold weather. Some regions are impacted quite predictably.

You and your team have been commissioned by a large national corporation with offices and production facilities in San Francisco, California, Houston, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, and New York, New York to report on the likelihood of El Nino significantly impacting the thousands of employees that work at each of the four major office complexes.

The Board of Directors for this company has read reports in the media suggesting that El Nino events are becoming more common and stronger. The Board is concerned that El Nino may adversely impact some or all of their offices and production facilities. The Board of Directors has commissioned you to generate a thorough report detailing all relevant information about El Nino to educate the corporate officers and estimates of potential damages and disruption of operations caused by El Nino over the next decade at each location and your recommendation as to whether closing any of the corporate offices would be advised as a result of these potential damages and disruptions.

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