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Women in Physics

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Constructing Physics Understanding


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Interested in learning about Women in Physics? This site has a searchable database with profiles on each woman and in many cases images. You will find women here who made important contributions in all areas of Physics as well as related areas of Chemistry, Biology, and Education. Visit this UCLA website at:

Interested in Physics Projects? Here's one: the CPU Project. "Constructing Physics Understanding" using technology to enhance student understanding of physics. Check out the following link. The second link is a general list of physics projects:

The Physics Classroom provides tutorial assistance to students to support your classroom efforts, a link is also provided to multimedia resources to enable students to visualize the various phenomena studied in Physics. The demos are presented as "gif animations" and cover topics from acceleration to elastic and inelastic collisions between vehicles! This site is a MUST visit! (A walk thru the rest of this high school site is well worth the time invested!)

The Cambridge Physics Outlet is a company that has supplemented their website with a series of Physics related games, simulations, and problems for students to solve.

PhysLINK: The Ultimate Physics Resource: This attractive resource site has well developed reference, societies, and publications sections, and also links to history, news, and fun sites as well. Visitors can subscribe to PhysLINK's Quotations mailing list for a weekly quote by e-mail.

EXPLORE SCIENCE.COM is an interactive site where students and teachers can explore applications of optics, mechanics, waves and other assorted investigations. Shockwave is a necessary extension, it can be downloaded directly from this site.