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Deep Sky Astronomy


Mr. Paul Ransavage has been an Earth Science and Astronomy teacher at Hunterdon Central Regional for thirty-one years. He is a graduate of Mansfield State University in Earth Science and has advanced degrees with course work from Lehigh,Kean, UCal Berkley and Western Washington State. He has also been selected Earth Science Teacher of the Year in New Jersey in 1999.

Deep sky astronomy is astronomy that deals with topics beyond the realm of the solar system. A course outline will be presented along with a series of lesson plans that can be used at the 8-9-10 grade levels. A discussion will follow that will focus on the place of astronomy in the middle level grades


Tree Rings and Climate


Ms. Nicole Davi, a graduate of Ramapo College with a degree in Environmental Science, has worked as a teaching naturalist before taking her present job at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades , NY. Working in the Tree-Ring lab, she has done field work in Oregon, Peru, and Alaska. This spring she will be going to Argentina and Chile and then back to Alaska for the rest of the summer. Her other academic interests are satellite imagery/remote sensing, paleoclimatology, and education.

Reading tree opens the door to past climates. Ms. Davi will demonstrate how a tree ring can be extracted and prepared for analysis. She will then show how the ring can be interpreted and explain the climate connections

Rocks and Minerals Software


Teaching freshman Earth Science for the last 25 years at Hunterhon Central HS, Ed Greaney has twice been selected "Who's Who Among American Teachers". He was selected as the 1992 New Jersey Earth Science Teacher of the Year. He has recently co-authored a Tasa CD titled Rocks and Minerals. During his presentation, he will explain and demonstrate how he uses this program in his class, will share samples of his worksheets, and time permitting will present an overview of how he uses the computer as an integral part of his course.


New Jersey Watersheds


The New Jersey Audubon Society has created a educational program titled New Jersey Waters. This workshop will cover the following:

*increase knowledge base about watersheds

*share watershed activities from guide

*introduce watershed resources

*discuss ways to integrate watershed education into existing curriculum

Ms. Dale Rosselet , Director of Education for the New Jersey Audubon, is a grad of Ramapo College with a degree in Environmental Studies and a geology concentration. She has worked with gifted and talented, co-authored several books on New Jersey topics and is currently Chair for the Watershed Partnership for New Jersey


Sandy Hook Field Work


Join Don Patterson on the bus to Sandy Hook and bring back a wealth of activities related to the data and observations made on the beach. Student work focuses on the forces that cause the beach to change. At the end of the day you'll want to rush back to school to find the day to bring your kids to the beach.

Mr. Patterson has been doing this field work at Sandy Hook for over twenty years. You will recieve the field instructions, web connections, student products and samples of beach sands from shorelines around the world. Bring your lunch, dress very warm, and relax on the coach ride down to the video on barrier islands by Orrin Pilkey.