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Pictorial Essay of the Jersey Shore...

NEW! Visit QTVR Images of the Jersey Shore! Image from Feb. 16

Click on each of the thumbnails below to see a full size image.


The above image, taken on Feb 16, 1998 within two hours of low tide at the 12th Ave. Belmar Beach depicts a concrete block located near the wrackline. This block over the past several years has been exposed by a few (3-4) feet as you see it in this image. The Belmar beach was recently restored at the end of this past summer season. At that time, the block was exposed by only a few inches. Since then, at least three feet of sand has been removed from this location!

Study this image, one can see that quite a bit of sand has built up along the winter fence. This photo was taken Feb 16, 1998 at the 12th Ave. beach in Belmar.

This view was taken on Feb 16, 1998 from the boardwalk at Bradley Beach. You can see efforts by the town to preserve their boardwalk and the property adjacent to it. Time will tell whether this "bulldozed" approach will accomplish its goal as more El Nino charged storms pound the Jersey Shore this winter.

This view of the same site as above was taken from a position on the beach. The sand hills are at least six feet high.

This view of Bradley Beach looks northward from the beach seen in the images above. As you can see, most of this beach is gone. At high tide, the waves often crash against the bulkhead. One has to wonder how long the boardwalk can survive that type of pounding? This photo was taken on Feb 16, 1998 within 1 hour of low tide.

This view of Seven Presidents Beach in Long Branch taken on Feb 16, 1998 reveals that some site have weathered the winter better than others. This beach was in the process of restoration in late October 1997. Now fully restored, it has held onto much of the sand that was placed there. Prior to restoration, less than 50 feet of beach was present at low tide, now almost 300 feet is present. Watch for future photos of this site to see if erosion begins to reoccur.

Clicking on the image above will take you to two views of the Monmouth Beach jetty (groin). This image was taken on Feb 16, 1998. Additional images will be mounted in the near future enabling comparison.