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Earth Science Internet Usage Survey

As a teacher of Earth Science working to complete his Master's degree, I am requesting a few moments of your time to share some information with me that may help all of us "kindred spirits" to assess how far we have come. Please complete the following survey, then click submit. If you wish, indicate below and I will share the results with you upon completion of my research. As a token of my thanks, when you submit a completed form, you will be linked to a website that I am developing that I anticipate will be of use to teachers and students of Science.


Background Information:

Name: (optional)

E-Mail Address: (optional)

Grade(s) taught:

7 8 9 10 11 12

Region of United States that your school is located in:

deep south
Far West
Great Plains
Great Lakes

How would you describe the community that you teach in:

Rural Suburban Urban

What percent of your school's students are collegebound?

> 80% 60-80% 40-60% <40%

Who takes Earth Science in your school?

All students as a required course

All students as a required course, except the "honors" level students

Only the "basic" or "developmental" students as a required course

All students as an elective


Tell me about your teaching situation:

1. How many computers are located within your classroom?

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 >6

2. What type of computers do you have in your classroom?

Macintosh Power-Mac PC with a 486 chip PC with a pentium chip

3. Are these computers able to access the internet? yes no

3a. If the answer to #3 is yes, then what type of connection do you use?


4. On average, how many class days per month do your students spend all or part of a period in class (more than 15 minutes) on the internet?
<1 1-3 4-6 7-10 >10

5. If your students access the internet "live" during class, how many (on average) work at each computer?

1 2 3 4 >4

6. What type(s) of investigations have you conducted with your students while using the internet?

7. What websites (url's) have you used that you found to be particularly worthwhile?

8. What "support" programs do you use to facilitate viewing of images acquired from the internet?

jpeg-view image-view L-view Enhance Photoshop
other (please specify)

9. Do you download information from the Internet for later use in the classroom?

yes no

10. If yes, what topics have you found can be taught most successfully by using information downloaded from the internet?

11. Do your students use email to communicate with students from other schools?

yes no

12. If yes, what types of projects have they conducted with other students?

13. Please share your thoughts regarding how your teaching situation has changed in the past two years.

14. In your opinion, how is your teaching situation likely to change in the next two years?

If you wish to contact me, my email is