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Chemistry here for some incredible chemistry sites!

Table of Contents:


General Chemistry

Periodic Table

Chem Team

Mark's Chemistry Tutor

VRML Molecules

Chem Teacher

Bonding Images


Governor's School Chemistry

AP Chem Exams


VSEPR Theory


A link that can be found by visiting the IMSEnet (noted on the first page) provides access to a variety of excellent information for teachers of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I reviewed the "Science Resource Center's" Chemistry area and found lots of laboratory exercises available, a tutorial section that could be quite helpful to students, and an "exam on file" section. The Biology section is not as developed, however, there are several labs on file and a section on human anatomy curriculum. The physics section is generally undeveloped at this time.

The "Chem Team" website is an EXCELLENT CHEMISTRY tutorial and resource. Need to learn theory? see how problems are solved? then visit this site! A must visit!

Another Chemistry Teachers Resource website link! This one has been highly acclaimed and contains info on all levels of Chemistry, demos, labs and content suggestions. Additionally, more links can be followed from this site.

Governor's School Chemistry at Roanoke Valley Governors School features interactive exercises on topics such as sig figs, chemical and physical changes, etc... Several experiments including Separating and Quantifying an Unknown Mixture. There is section on Advanced Chemistry that has more lab investigations available.

Teaching VSEPR Theory? Visit this site to view stick diagrams. A variety of geometric structures are depicted.

The General Chemistry Page has a variety of chemistry topics highlighted for student use at:

Another site featuring a student chemistry tutorial can be found at "Mark's Chemistry Tutor":

This site features BONDING IMAGES, in particular Polar and Ionic Bonds

Looking for AP Chem Exams from 1970-1997, then visit this chem team page:

Here at Chemfinder, you can look up all types of compounds. You will then receive back a table of physical constants, CAS numbers, links to articles on that compound or element and an image of the compound. Image viewing software is required to view the compound and can be downloaded from this extremely useful site.

The obligatory Periodic Table site is linked here. This site provides a number of interesting views of the periodic table as well as access to relevant data for each element. A list of links is also included to more than one dozen additional periodic tables.

Another molecule visualization site, that allows you to view molecules using vrml looks quite promising. At this time, I have not succeeded at getting the VRML viewer to work with my computer to see these images. You should feel free to try by visiting:

The NYU MATHMOL Molecular Visualization site appears to be an OUTSTANDING SITE. With the proper plugins for viewing, .pdb and .vrml images can be viewed here. ORBITALS are depicted here and could provide the first year student with a better concept of CHEMICAL BONDING. From the home page, be sure to visit the Library of 3-d Molecular Structures.

CHEMystery: An Interactive Guide is a student produced Thinkquest entry intended to be used as a virtual textbook. The front page looks quite thorough and complete. The load time seems to be quite long though, be prepared for this. The page is JAVA enhanced this probably has alot to do with the slow load. (Note: I'm using an old Mac with a 33.6k can only do so much!) I've included this page to provide yet another Chemistry resource AND to illustrate what a student can do!