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Biology Page...(including life sciences and health/nutrition)

Table of Contents:

Atom World

NIH (National Institute of Health)

Science Across America

USGS: Geologic Time and Evolution

Human Anatomy

University of Arizona: Nutrition and Health

The Digital Anatomist


Viruses and Chromosomes

The Microbial Zoo


Would you like to see molecular structure of proteins, vitamins, steroids, and crystals? Then visit this site that is rich in Bio-Chemical molecules. This site called Atom World also contains a brief but highly effective tutorial on bonding and biochemistry.

Science Across America has a series of units on scientific issues such as nutrition and health, safe drinking water, and energy use.

HUMAN ANATOMY Online has hundreds of images on this topic. Visit at:


The Digital Anatomist group at the University of Washington has painstakingly created computer reconstruction's of HUMAN CRYOSECTIONS. The resultant images and animations offer anatomy students multiple perspectives of important structures and the relationships among them. The site currently offers atlases for the brain and thoracic viscera and a neuroscience syllabus with interactive quizzes and feedback. The interface is a bit awkward and many animations are not available on the Web, but this is still an impressive site. (Thanks to Blue Web'n Update for the review.)

The Center for Scientific Computing in Finland has movies and visualizations of CHROMOSOMES and VIRUSES. These images are based upon electron microscope tomography. The site also has images featuring CELL MOVEMENT and PROTEIN FOLDING.

The National Institute on Health (NIH) has an incredibly complete website. A MUST visit!

Teaching Geologic Time and the development of life? This USGS site has some excellent text and diagrams to support your lessons or extend your students study of this topic. Here you can find relative time scales, pictorial divisions of the major eras, index fossils and more!

Looking for information on nutrition? disease and health? vitamins and nutrients? or just to see how healthy today's school lunch was? Need a site for STUDENT RESEARCH on these topics? Then visit the University of Arizona site on Nutrition and Health.

The link below takes you to an EPA list of watersheds that are environmentally "threatened." Check to see if YOUR local area is POLLUTED. Click on the url below to go directly to the list, click on the EPA icon below to go directly to the EPA Home Page.

The Microbial Zoo is an environmental ecology oriented website that was developed in association with Michigan State University. Learn about microbes and microbial ecology. Check out the Animal Pavilion, Dirtland, the Snack Bar, and the Space Adventure.