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Certificate of Recognition

In recognition to someone who has made a significant contribution to Earth Science education in New Jersey. This award is not limited to educators and may include industry empolyees, government personnel, or educators in settings other than the classroom.

Special Recognition Membership

In recognition to an individual for their efforts and achievements in Earth Science education.

Length of Service

In recognition to an individual based on number of years of continual and cumulative contributions to Earth Science education.

Resource Development

This award is to encourage the development of original, innovative, and effective Earth Science resource materials that have particular relevance to New Jersey.

Outstanding Earth Science Teacher of the Year

This award is given to a dedicated teacher who has made exemplary contributions to the field of Earth Science teaching.

Outstanding Earth Science Student

Earth Science teachers select students of outstanding achievement in an Earth Science course at the middle or high school.

President's Award

This award is presented periodically, when deemed appropriate to recognize outstanding service to New Jersey Earth Science teachers


To obtain information about any of the above awards, contact a member of the executive committee or NJESTA at the Center for Earth Systems at 980-527-2894 or

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